Some Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic


After the September 11, 2001 incident in the United States, the US government made a clear stand, but many American bloggers themselves took the picture to the other side.

Importance of Bloggers Increased Day by Day:

At the same time, bloggers have gained such importance in the United States that they are invited to many important events and meetings, but there have also been a few meetings in which politicians and governors have regularly answered the questions of bloggers. One of these meetings was very famous. In which more than a thousand bloggers participated, and bloggers asked questions such as Hillary Clinton’s humor.

Role of Blogging in World Media:

When the majority of the global media was busy picking up ideas in favor of attacks on Afghanistan and other countries in the United States, blogging came out as an alternative to traditional media, which forced people to think about many other aspects. Further, blogging played a vital role in exposing the grievances and concerns of the Muslim world. After the US invasion of Iraq, the world media learned much of Iraq’s internal affairs through bloggers. During this war and even after the war, an Iraqi blogger, Salam Abdul Ma’am, gained a lot of fame. His pen name is “Salam Pax,” and he is also known as Salaam al-Najib. Salamis said to have written a blog to keep a Jordanian friend on the war.

Some Famous Blogs about History:

Later his writings on the war were published in a regular booklet entitled “The Baghdad Blog.” In 2008, in the Georgia and Russian wars, bloggers from both countries wrote on both sides of the stance and war. This made the situation clear to the nations and large institutions, and they were forced to think a lot. In addition, the revolutionary changes in the Arab countries (Arab Spring) in the past have become known as the regular “social media revolution” because social media, especially bloggers, played a major role in this.

Bloggers, With Their Sharp and Unassuming Views:

Blogging caused many significant changes and brought with them hard work. Failure to disclose the truth and intimidate governments from time to time arrest bloggers and punish them. Along with developed countries, several bloggers were arrested in the “Arab Spring” and especially in Egypt recently. Bloggers are currently scared of bloggers by pressing the rod and banning bloggers from various hegemony. However, a number of organizations and associations have emerged to address the problems faced by bloggers and to protect bloggers’ rights.

How Blogging help others:

Not only does blogging benefit others, but bloggers themselves benefit from a variety of financial benefits as well. First of all, where he writes and motivates others, there are many movements within him. He thinks and receives information in many respects. Thus, his thinking gets better in the body, and information is greatly increased. Saying that, in every thinking human mind, new ideas are born every day. If they do not drive them out, these thoughts, thoughts, and other kinds of mental illness can cause. But when a blogger gives them ideas and writes them down, it doesn’t distract them. Blogging is also a type of “writing therapy.”


In addition, instant feedback on the blog helps to understand the overall mood of society for bloggers. Communicating with readers and others strengthens Blogger’s social network as well. Blogistan is also proving to be a haven for new writers and creators of various types. While one side specializes in continuous creation (writing or setting up different types of content), on the other hand, the criticism that comes with immediate attention to any creation further enhances the work of the Blogger.

The Importance, Disadvantages, And Benefits Of Blogging

Speaking of blogs all over the world at the moment. An estimate of this can be inferred from these statistics. Statistics from blogging websites and other various websites for the last few years estimate that the number of bloggers, namely blog writers, has exceeded 30 million in the world, and many more is growing rapidly. Most bloggers are between the ages of 25 and 44. More than 3 million blog posts are published daily in the world. At present, about 5% of the world’s population, ie about three billion people are using the Internet, and more than 77% of the total number of Internet users see or read blogs in some way.

Publish Online with a Blog:

The blog is creating a new world. Today the blog is another name for freedom of expression for the common citizen. There have been countless instances in the world where a writer’s policy was written or not published, so he turned to blog. A blog is a modern and easy way of public expression. No border, government blockade, institution policy, and religious and social sanctions can stop the blog. When a blogging website was banned by a government, bloggers arrived elsewhere to express themselves. As in February 2006, instead of closing the special URL on the sketchy sketches, Pakistan saw the opportunity and closed the BlogSpot, a website that facilitated the creation of a free blog. What impressed many bloggers. But the bloggers did not give up and reached new places. Many bloggers bloggers have left their service for free and moved to their own websites.

Freedom Of Expression In Bloggers:

The disadvantages and negative aspects of blogging are that, if the blogger does not act carefully, there are a number of problems that may arise. “Blogistan” is not a regular institution where a researcher will only discuss with a researcher. Here a researcher can also be hit by an ignorant, and a Ph.D. doctor may have to perform the duties of a “Fake Doctor.” On the one hand, if bloggers have freedom, then blog readers (readers) are free. Some people also enjoy the illusion of freedom of expression in bloggers.

Blogging To Raise Public Opinion In Their Favor:

There are also bloggers and readers, whose only color is to add color. For example, many times, a long banquet shoots only one conspiratorial phrase of the reader, and the next few days of the blogger go in to reject the same conspiracy phrase. Many people come in without revealing their true identity and do not shy away from glam glitching, morally degrading motivations, and even descending on the individual. Some people come to a blogosphere with a certain agenda, and try to make society tarnished by colorful conspiracy stories and rumors. Here are born of such conspiracy stories, in which Leila is also divorced with “madmen,” and is predicted to be born “boy” exactly one year later. Given the importance of more blogs, several large organizations and agencies are also very encouraging and.

Disadvantages of Blogging:

Now that doesn’t mean blogging is happening at all. In fact, these are just some of the disadvantages and negatives. However, there are many benefits to blogging. Indeed, many conspiracy stories and rumors originate from the blogger’s world. But because everyone is free, every perspective comes to fruition, and for the less-minded, milk becomes milk and water. In this state of the Internet, “Blogistan” has established such a system, that when a blogger tells a conspiracy story or a lie, the appearance of several facets of the answer makes the point clear to the majority. Blogs have found a better way for ordinary citizens to raise their voices. It has given the public a strong voice.

How do You Invite People to an Event on Blogger


Bloggers or different organizations are organizing various conferences, events and meetings for bloggers around the world to organize, train, encourage and host events. One of the major events is the “bar camp”, which takes place in different countries of the world. A large number of traditional media, social media and bloggers participate. No regular agenda or set of camps are selected, but everyone has the freedom to attend and speak.

Various Blogger Events:

In addition, there is the “Blog Every Conference” starting in 2005. This special event is held for female bloggers. More Blog Talk, Blog World and News Media Expo, International Web Log and Social Media Conference, Gnomedics, New Media Expo and OBO are some of the most popular events and meetings. In addition to the global level, bloggers also hold meetings and conferences in different countries. All of these bloggers are getting more and more important, day by day.

How Do Blogger Host Blogging Event:

If anyone thinks they should spread their voice, knowledge or research to others using today’s modern weaponry internet, then a blog is the best place for them. In this age of the Internet, the time has come when the world is embracing knowledge and blogs rather than bullets. The decision has always been made by the people, and even today it is in their hands, what weapon do they need? Knowledge or violence? Pen or sword? Blog or “Bullet”?

Not only has the blog brought about political change in the world, it is also performing many other important tasks.

How Bloggers Makes Money:

Blogging has made citizen journalism a lot easier. Now people living in remote villages are also writing blogs to get their problems addressed. Students are exposed to their academic activities as well as their other issues through blogging. People from all walks of life are in the blogging world, sharing their information with others. It is found here, from religion to science, from spirit to body, from literature to philosophy. Here every new research is discussed.

Need to know Blogging Statistics:

There are also things that shake the soul and shake the conscience. It is a modern academy of literature, where writers receive training. Every kind of philosophy is described here. As if there were writers on every topic in the world. Blogging is making new changes on the one hand, while on the other hand there is a sea of ​​knowledge and information flowing for everyone. It is opening new doors of thought and giving rise to new debate and new worlds.

How do You download a Video from a Blog:

When it comes to video sharing sites, no one is competing on YouTube. However, many people find it difficult to save a video on YouTube to their computer, as this site does not allow downloading of videos. Well on mobile, you can download the video in the YouTube app for offline viewing, but this option is not available for desktop users.

Downloading YouTube Videos:

In fact, downloading YouTube videos using third-party apps is a violation of Google’s Terms of Service, a video-sharing service. It is clear that the user can simply stream videos from its servers. There are some video download tricks on YouTube with this warning. With these few trivial tricks you can save your favorite videos to your computer.

If you liked a video too much, and you want to save it to your computer, how do you do it?

Instead of wasting time on Google search, try out this trick.

All you have to do is add 2s between the ww dots YouTube in the link to the video, just like www.ssyoutube and enter. This will bring you a new site to download. This method works on mobile phones too, but for this you need to open the YouTube video on Chrome instead of the app. Beyond this is another third-party service for video downloader, which is free, and also helps download full playlists, 360-degree and 3D videos.

A Free Internet State, Explanation Of Terms Blog


Man cannot be alone and maintains contact with society in some way. It seeks information, and thereby promotes growth. Man wants to speak. Some want to listen and others want to hear, that is, exchange information. From the very beginning, one human being has always liked to be in contact with others. Keeping in touch is a basic requirement. That same need to reach others quicker, with time, easier transportation, and the invention of many types of media. Wherever a human being arrived, he settled in a place of contact.

Blog, a word for people who write on Blogs:

Like radio and telephone, there was a need behind the existence of the Internet, whereby people want to communicate and exchange information with ease. When people accessed it at the beginning of the Internet, Hazrat Man also settled a network of contacts here. Various online forums and chat groups and more have been created on the Internet. Where people started talking and arguing with each other.

Blog Is the Earliest Form of Social Media:

At the same time, many people on forums and various websites started writing their personal experiences, reviews, ideas, and everyday things in the form of personal diaries. Those diaries were the earliest form of today’s blog. A blog is a type of social media. Over time, the blog has changed many forms. Now the blog has become a force that is affecting the world, and the foundation of a new free world. Today, bloggers have come to be known as modern-day think tanks. While the blog has many stages in its development, to date it has not been clearly defined.

What is a Blog?

The word “blog” should be considered for the type of website it was initially used for, and the websites it was called shortly thereafter. That is, the history of the blog and the definitions that come up with its terminology. It’s something like, “That website or part of a website is called a blog. Where content is posted with full freedom, which contains anything about a blogger, its reviews, reviews, comments, opinions, etc. ”In simple terms, one can say that such a web The site is called Blog.

You can Publish and Post anything on It:

Contains anything or your own thoughts about the blogger in whose content they publish and they can post it freely. A blog is like a personal diary, and one can call it personal journalism. But a journal whose news and reviews revolve around the blogger and his thinking. There are many types of blogs, such as audio blogs and video blogs, etc., both technically and for content. Technology, political, entertainment, tourist, urban and literary blogs and more are notable in terms of more content.

Your Blog can be a personal Diary:

In general, the newcomer was not easily found in the media, especially in the media. But now a competent man can write his own blog by writing a blog. The Blogger already gains training and reputation, and the blog testifies to its potential, so many large organizations provide it. Of course, no such publisher simply takes the risk of publishing a new author’s book. But a blogger here also irones out his potential. Now in the modern world, many organizations are turning to bloggers for new writers or creators and give regular people jobs or jobs. In the days before blogging, many competent people were exposed to lack of opportunity, access to big organizations, or arbitrage, while blogging has changed that tradition. Now the atom itself reaches the diamond, acknowledging its worthiness.

A Common Question? Social Media Or Website

Most people do not need a website, and even though I have a design agency, I send them back, thinking that social media is enough for all you have to do. Maybe, some of them may not understand what I mean, or they may mean that I’m avoiding them.

What Reasons Do we Give Them?

  1. Bringing traffic to a website is a daunting task. There are 20 million users on Facebook alone, and you will not be able to bring a million traffic to your website. You never know how much money you have to spend on SEO and advertising to get a million traffic. With far less money, you can bring your target market to your target page, and they can also opt-in and recalculate them whenever you want.
  2. There are tens of thousands of options for you to redirect your Facebook fan or ad traffic. Whether you want to watch them on your YouTube channel or Twitter profile or on your event page or a video. You’re in control.
  3. People buy and sell on Facebook, and there are a couple of ways. We will explain this in detail.
  4. Use the options of Facebook photos, snap photos, create albums, and share the world with no expertise. These images may also be from your products where the user can record direct feedback and the like.
  5. If you have a company, organization, or NGO, share the event directly with the world, and give them the opportunity, if they wish, to join.
  6. Create a channel on Facebook as well as YouTube, and share the world by uploading videos.
  7. Make a profile of you or the company on LinkedIn, and stay connected to your business links. It’s even better if you have a separate website that has no traffic.
  8. Facebook gives you the opportunity to look at your ads and regular post analytics stats and move on.

For most people, the deadlines listed are sufficient, and they do not require any website.

Why Are Web Design Agencies Working?

Why millions of new websites launching every day, and why are webmasters hired to take care of them?

There are also reasons

Your image is the most important if there is no company website in today’s world, then understand that the company exists without a face.

You can’t leave your contacts, your database, everything on Facebook. Yesterday, Facebook was banned, or if Facebook closed your account and page for some reason, what would you do?

  • You must have a website, and anyone can find and contact you on Google. People will also search on Google about a modest coffee shop and doctor. If you have a website, Google will better show you its index, and with some hard work, you can always get to the first page.
  • If the website is your own property, you have your own farm, grow whatever you want. Start a blog section by blogging, building an e-commerce store, and trying to get the best of Google search.
  • In short, organizations want to promote cross-promotion in the digital world, wanting to use every platform vigorously, and one channel takes you to the other. For example, a blog on a web site promotes your Facebook page, your YouTube channel, on the other hand, brings traffic to your Twitter profile, and Twitter sends people to your blog and Facebook page to all your social accounts. Takes
  • We are breathing in a world where words spread in moments, and escape is not possible, so why not use different technologies and applications in the best way for you. You do not have to invent something new that is available in time, understand its basic uses, and then use that understanding to spread your business, politics, and awareness.