Bloggers or different organizations are organizing various conferences, events and meetings for bloggers around the world to organize, train, encourage and host events. One of the major events is the “bar camp”, which takes place in different countries of the world. A large number of traditional media, social media and bloggers participate. No regular agenda or set of camps are selected, but everyone has the freedom to attend and speak.

Various Blogger Events:

In addition, there is the “Blog Every Conference” starting in 2005. This special event is held for female bloggers. More Blog Talk, Blog World and News Media Expo, International Web Log and Social Media Conference, Gnomedics, New Media Expo and OBO are some of the most popular events and meetings. In addition to the global level, bloggers also hold meetings and conferences in different countries. All of these bloggers are getting more and more important, day by day.

How Do Blogger Host Blogging Event:

If anyone thinks they should spread their voice, knowledge or research to others using today’s modern weaponry internet, then a blog is the best place for them. In this age of the Internet, the time has come when the world is embracing knowledge and blogs rather than bullets. The decision has always been made by the people, and even today it is in their hands, what weapon do they need? Knowledge or violence? Pen or sword? Blog or “Bullet”?

Not only has the blog brought about political change in the world, it is also performing many other important tasks.

How Bloggers Makes Money:

Blogging has made citizen journalism a lot easier. Now people living in remote villages are also writing blogs to get their problems addressed. Students are exposed to their academic activities as well as their other issues through blogging. People from all walks of life are in the blogging world, sharing their information with others. It is found here, from religion to science, from spirit to body, from literature to philosophy. Here every new research is discussed.

Need to know Blogging Statistics:

There are also things that shake the soul and shake the conscience. It is a modern academy of literature, where writers receive training. Every kind of philosophy is described here. As if there were writers on every topic in the world. Blogging is making new changes on the one hand, while on the other hand there is a sea of ​​knowledge and information flowing for everyone. It is opening new doors of thought and giving rise to new debate and new worlds.

How do You download a Video from a Blog:

When it comes to video sharing sites, no one is competing on YouTube. However, many people find it difficult to save a video on YouTube to their computer, as this site does not allow downloading of videos. Well on mobile, you can download the video in the YouTube app for offline viewing, but this option is not available for desktop users.

Downloading YouTube Videos:

In fact, downloading YouTube videos using third-party apps is a violation of Google’s Terms of Service, a video-sharing service. It is clear that the user can simply stream videos from its servers. There are some video download tricks on YouTube with this warning. With these few trivial tricks you can save your favorite videos to your computer.

If you liked a video too much, and you want to save it to your computer, how do you do it?

Instead of wasting time on Google search, try out this trick.

All you have to do is add 2s between the ww dots YouTube in the link to the video, just like www.ssyoutube and enter. This will bring you a new site to download. This method works on mobile phones too, but for this you need to open the YouTube video on Chrome instead of the app. Beyond this is another third-party service for video downloader, which is free, and also helps download full playlists, 360-degree and 3D videos.

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