Speaking of blogs all over the world at the moment. An estimate of this can be inferred from these statistics. Statistics from blogging websites and other various websites for the last few years estimate that the number of bloggers, namely blog writers, has exceeded 30 million in the world, and many more is growing rapidly. Most bloggers are between the ages of 25 and 44. More than 3 million blog posts are published daily in the world. At present, about 5% of the world’s population, ie about three billion people are using the Internet, and more than 77% of the total number of Internet users see or read blogs in some way.

Publish Online with a Blog:

The blog is creating a new world. Today the blog is another name for freedom of expression for the common citizen. There have been countless instances in the world where a writer’s policy was written or not published, so he turned to blog. A blog is a modern and easy way of public expression. No border, government blockade, institution policy, and religious and social sanctions can stop the blog. When a blogging website was banned by a government, bloggers arrived elsewhere to express themselves. As in February 2006, instead of closing the special URL on the sketchy sketches, Pakistan saw the opportunity and closed the BlogSpot, a website that facilitated the creation of a free blog. What impressed many bloggers. But the bloggers did not give up and reached new places. Many bloggers bloggers have left their service for free and moved to their own websites.

Freedom Of Expression In Bloggers:

The disadvantages and negative aspects of blogging are that, if the blogger does not act carefully, there are a number of problems that may arise. “Blogistan” is not a regular institution where a researcher will only discuss with a researcher. Here a researcher can also be hit by an ignorant, and a Ph.D. doctor may have to perform the duties of a “Fake Doctor.” On the one hand, if bloggers have freedom, then blog readers (readers) are free. Some people also enjoy the illusion of freedom of expression in bloggers.

Blogging To Raise Public Opinion In Their Favor:

There are also bloggers and readers, whose only color is to add color. For example, many times, a long banquet shoots only one conspiratorial phrase of the reader, and the next few days of the blogger go in to reject the same conspiracy phrase. Many people come in without revealing their true identity and do not shy away from glam glitching, morally degrading motivations, and even descending on the individual. Some people come to a blogosphere with a certain agenda, and try to make society tarnished by colorful conspiracy stories and rumors. Here are born of such conspiracy stories, in which Leila is also divorced with “madmen,” and is predicted to be born “boy” exactly one year later. Given the importance of more blogs, several large organizations and agencies are also very encouraging and.

Disadvantages of Blogging:

Now that doesn’t mean blogging is happening at all. In fact, these are just some of the disadvantages and negatives. However, there are many benefits to blogging. Indeed, many conspiracy stories and rumors originate from the blogger’s world. But because everyone is free, every perspective comes to fruition, and for the less-minded, milk becomes milk and water. In this state of the Internet, “Blogistan” has established such a system, that when a blogger tells a conspiracy story or a lie, the appearance of several facets of the answer makes the point clear to the majority. Blogs have found a better way for ordinary citizens to raise their voices. It has given the public a strong voice.

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