After the September 11, 2001 incident in the United States, the US government made a clear stand, but many American bloggers themselves took the picture to the other side.

Importance of Bloggers Increased Day by Day:

At the same time, bloggers have gained such importance in the United States that they are invited to many important events and meetings, but there have also been a few meetings in which politicians and governors have regularly answered the questions of bloggers. One of these meetings was very famous. In which more than a thousand bloggers participated, and bloggers asked questions such as Hillary Clinton’s humor.

Role of Blogging in World Media:

When the majority of the global media was busy picking up ideas in favor of attacks on Afghanistan and other countries in the United States, blogging came out as an alternative to traditional media, which forced people to think about many other aspects. Further, blogging played a vital role in exposing the grievances and concerns of the Muslim world. After the US invasion of Iraq, the world media learned much of Iraq’s internal affairs through bloggers. During this war and even after the war, an Iraqi blogger, Salam Abdul Ma’am, gained a lot of fame. His pen name is “Salam Pax,” and he is also known as Salaam al-Najib. Salamis said to have written a blog to keep a Jordanian friend on the war.

Some Famous Blogs about History:

Later his writings on the war were published in a regular booklet entitled “The Baghdad Blog.” In 2008, in the Georgia and Russian wars, bloggers from both countries wrote on both sides of the stance and war. This made the situation clear to the nations and large institutions, and they were forced to think a lot. In addition, the revolutionary changes in the Arab countries (Arab Spring) in the past have become known as the regular “social media revolution” because social media, especially bloggers, played a major role in this.

Bloggers, With Their Sharp and Unassuming Views:

Blogging caused many significant changes and brought with them hard work. Failure to disclose the truth and intimidate governments from time to time arrest bloggers and punish them. Along with developed countries, several bloggers were arrested in the “Arab Spring” and especially in Egypt recently. Bloggers are currently scared of bloggers by pressing the rod and banning bloggers from various hegemony. However, a number of organizations and associations have emerged to address the problems faced by bloggers and to protect bloggers’ rights.

How Blogging help others:

Not only does blogging benefit others, but bloggers themselves benefit from a variety of financial benefits as well. First of all, where he writes and motivates others, there are many movements within him. He thinks and receives information in many respects. Thus, his thinking gets better in the body, and information is greatly increased. Saying that, in every thinking human mind, new ideas are born every day. If they do not drive them out, these thoughts, thoughts, and other kinds of mental illness can cause. But when a blogger gives them ideas and writes them down, it doesn’t distract them. Blogging is also a type of “writing therapy.”


In addition, instant feedback on the blog helps to understand the overall mood of society for bloggers. Communicating with readers and others strengthens Blogger’s social network as well. Blogistan is also proving to be a haven for new writers and creators of various types. While one side specializes in continuous creation (writing or setting up different types of content), on the other hand, the criticism that comes with immediate attention to any creation further enhances the work of the Blogger.

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