Most people do not need a website, and even though I have a design agency, I send them back, thinking that social media is enough for all you have to do. Maybe, some of them may not understand what I mean, or they may mean that I’m avoiding them.

What Reasons Do we Give Them?

  1. Bringing traffic to a website is a daunting task. There are 20 million users on Facebook alone, and you will not be able to bring a million traffic to your website. You never know how much money you have to spend on SEO and advertising to get a million traffic. With far less money, you can bring your target market to your target page, and they can also opt-in and recalculate them whenever you want.
  2. There are tens of thousands of options for you to redirect your Facebook fan or ad traffic. Whether you want to watch them on your YouTube channel or Twitter profile or on your event page or a video. You’re in control.
  3. People buy and sell on Facebook, and there are a couple of ways. We will explain this in detail.
  4. Use the options of Facebook photos, snap photos, create albums, and share the world with no expertise. These images may also be from your products where the user can record direct feedback and the like.
  5. If you have a company, organization, or NGO, share the event directly with the world, and give them the opportunity, if they wish, to join.
  6. Create a channel on Facebook as well as YouTube, and share the world by uploading videos.
  7. Make a profile of you or the company on LinkedIn, and stay connected to your business links. It’s even better if you have a separate website that has no traffic.
  8. Facebook gives you the opportunity to look at your ads and regular post analytics stats and move on.

For most people, the deadlines listed are sufficient, and they do not require any website.

Why Are Web Design Agencies Working?

Why millions of new websites launching every day, and why are webmasters hired to take care of them?

There are also reasons

Your image is the most important if there is no company website in today’s world, then understand that the company exists without a face.

You can’t leave your contacts, your database, everything on Facebook. Yesterday, Facebook was banned, or if Facebook closed your account and page for some reason, what would you do?

  • You must have a website, and anyone can find and contact you on Google. People will also search on Google about a modest coffee shop and doctor. If you have a website, Google will better show you its index, and with some hard work, you can always get to the first page.
  • If the website is your own property, you have your own farm, grow whatever you want. Start a blog section by blogging, building an e-commerce store, and trying to get the best of Google search.
  • In short, organizations want to promote cross-promotion in the digital world, wanting to use every platform vigorously, and one channel takes you to the other. For example, a blog on a web site promotes your Facebook page, your YouTube channel, on the other hand, brings traffic to your Twitter profile, and Twitter sends people to your blog and Facebook page to all your social accounts. Takes
  • We are breathing in a world where words spread in moments, and escape is not possible, so why not use different technologies and applications in the best way for you. You do not have to invent something new that is available in time, understand its basic uses, and then use that understanding to spread your business, politics, and awareness.

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