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10 Best Universities in United States of America [2019]

No matter where are you studying, best universities in United States of America will always get your attraction. It’s because of higher standard education in the USA as compared to any other countries in the world. The better education system is something every country wants but no one can beat top universities in the United States.

This article includes a list of 10 top Universities in United States with their average fee structure and the total number of students enrolled. These universities also dominate the top rankings in the world.

10 Best Universities in United States of America:

We will start from bottom to top based on the best research available:

10- University of Pynsellvinina:

The University of Pennsylvania is a private university founded by Benjamin Franklin. It was founded by Benjamin Franklin. It is located in Pennsylvania. University has been performing very well in recent years and has made its place in 10 best Universities in United States of America. Similarly, the faculty is highly qualified and much experienced as compared to other Universities.

Tuition Fee:  $55, 584, Total- Enrollments: 10,033

09- Columbia University:

Columbia University was founded in 1754 and since then it is known for producing shining stars. It has three colleges for undergraduate students. Separate for engineering, science, and management. Moreover, Barack Obama is an important alumni of the University. Moreover, better research and high-quality education have made its place in top universities in United States.

Tuition Fee:  $59, 430 ; Total-Enrollments: 6,162

08- Yale University:

Yale University is famous for its law school and faculty. It was established in 1701. University has high-class faculty and students. Yale offers major research although college is smaller in size. It has roots all over the world. Every foreigner wishes to take admission to Yale because of the great environment. This is why it has made its place in the best universities in United States of America.

Tuition Fee:  $53, 430 ; Total-Enrollments: 5,746

07- Cornell University:

Cornell University is situated in New York and known for medical studies. Medicine degree of Cornell is famous in the world. Students come all over the world each year to study in veterinary sciences which is currently the second rank in because of higher research. It has a very nice setup of all departments. Moreover, the research institute of Cornell University has done pretty well in recent years. Therefore, it has made its place in top Universities in United States.

Tuition Fee: $55,188 ; Enrollments: 14,097

Top ranking Universities in United States

06- Princeton University:

Just like Cornell University, Princeton University is an old institution and widely trusted by students all across the world. It is currently ranked 13 in the world university rankings. Also, It is known for the School of humanities and arts. Moreover, it relies heavily on research conducted each year. Therefore, it has strengthened its position in the best universities in United States of America.

Tuition Fee: $47,140 ; Enrollments: 5,394

Best Universities in United States

05- University of Chicago:

Established in 1890, the University of Chicago is known for its physics department. Similarly, the core research is a key for this university. Moreover, the first nuclear reaction experiment was carried out in the physics department of the University of Chicago. The campus is a huge one in the busy city of Chicago. It has been offering large admissions over the years. Therefore, a large number of students take admission each year. Therefore, it is currently number 5 in top Universities in United States.

Tuition Fee: $57, 006 ; Enrollments: 6,264

04- California Institute of Technology (CIIT):

California Institute of Technology is famous for engineering degrees. Admission ratio is quite low as compared to other top Universities in US.  The focus of Univerity largely relies on research and better education. Moreover, it’s size is also smaller than other Universities. It’s currenlty ranked 4th in the best universities in US. It’s made for technology as the name suggests, hence ranking in the top Universities in US.

Tuition Fee: $52, 362 ; Enrollments: 961

03- Harvard University:

No need for the introduction of US oldest university. Established way back in 1638 Harvard has produced many great leaders. University has a huge residential campus with almost all departments including medicines, business, and engineering. Harvard is currently ranking 3 in Top Universities in United States. Therefore, It ranks in the top 10 in the world.

Tuition Fee: $50, 420 ; Enrollments: 6,766

Best Universities in United States

02- Stanford University:

Stanford is famous for producing entrepreneurs over the years. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, large number of students take admissions each year. It’s famous for business courses. University fee is very close to other universities. Also, Stanford has produced some great names including CEO’s of Google and Whatsapp. Therefore, it has maintained its spot in the best universities in United States of America.

Tuiton Fee: $51,233 ;  Enrollments: 7,061

best universities in the world

01- Massachusetts Institue of Technology (MIT):

No one can beat the greatest MIT, continues to rule the world. Ranks #1 in both, best universities in US and top Universities in the World. Can you believe, it’s been 7 years since MIT is the best university of the world. Moreover, getting admission in MIT has become very difficult. The faculty and quality of education are just fantastic. Therefore, You cannot get better than MIT.

Tuition Fee: $51,832 ; Enrollments: 4,547

Top Universities in United States


In a nutshell, United States is a hub for quality education in all departments. Education in United States is highly based on research and world-class faculty. Therefore, Best Universities in United States of America continue to dominate each year with outstanding results.

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