11 Ways To Keep a Smartphone Safe & Dry In The Monsoon

You venture outside to set out someplace under the clear sky and then it all of a sudden starts raining. This is the definite circumstance the majority of us face in every monsoon season. You can keep a smartphone dry with little effort.

Aside from keeping away yourself getting wet in the rain, the next main concern is to keep your expensive phone dry or you might have to visit an authorized smartphone service centers to get the smartphone repaired.

In addition to the fact that it is hard to work a touch screen with the wet hands, it is additionally highly not suggested as water might trickle in all the way through the border of a glass screen and might interact with digitizer within, which could leave the phone unresponsive to the touch.

Keep Your Phone Safe

It’s a typical scenario nowadays when we see clear sky and venture out of our houses however all of a sudden the sky turns cloudy and it begins raining.

This is the careful circumstance which the vast majority of us face during the monsoons. It isn’t just important to keep oneself dry to avoid becoming ill yet, in addition, saving our costly Smartphone from the rainstorm.

How to Keep Smartphone Safe & Dry:

During rains, it ends up hard working a touch-based device with the wet fingers and furthermore it can prompt water leakage inside the device through the edge of a glass screen and in the wake of interacting with digitizer inside, the water might leave the cell phone unresponsive to touch.

Likewise, the minute when slight humidity is distinguished in the Smartphone it turns into a grave issue to regard it as water damage isn’t considered in the guarantee cover of the phone.

In case that you are not utilizing a waterproof Smartphone, it’s essential that you synchronize your data to the cloud accounts as well as to the device managers to keep away from being cut off from the data entirely if there should be an occurrence of an event.

Tips to Keep Your:

Thus, we are sharing with you the most important tips to protect your Smartphone from water damage.

  1. Waterproof case

As monsoons arrive, we remember to convey an umbrella or a raincoat while traveling and try our best so the downpour does not dampen us. Also, while acquiring the cover for our mobile phone we should walk an additional mile and try to get a waterproof cover.

It is structured specifically in a manner to cover all the dimensions by which our mobile phone or Smartphone could get affected. Despite the fact that a waterproof cover isn’t unreasonably attractive to look at, yet it shields the Smartphone from the direct impact of the heavy shower and serves as a raincoat giving a sheath from the rains.

Get your phone a waterproof casing. There’s no shortage of decisions with regards to such cell phone cases. Driving web-based business websites such as Amazon and Flipkart have a few waterproof case choices, and you additionally get mobile phone cases specifically intended for the device.

  1. Zip pouch

In the event that you buy a ziplock or a comparative pocket, at that point, you could put that silica sachet in it and then keep it in the wallet. Purchasing a ziplock or a pocket is truly cost-effective and is effectively accessible in the market to keep a smartphone dry and secure.

In the event that you would prefer not to spend in a cell phone case, zip pocket could be an option. Continuously keep the device in the zip pocket when in a hurry. These are effectively accessible and an incredibly affordable approach to protect your device when traveling. Until you get a zip pocket, might be a basic plastic sack could act the hero. In this way you can keep phone safe.

  1. Bluetooth headset

Buy Bluetooth headphones to answer those calls when traveling. Along these lines, you won’t neglect any call and furthermore guarantee that you don’t need to pull out the phone from the bag when it’s pouring.

Keep Your Phone Safe

  1. Headphones

In case you don’t have headphones and would prefer not to get one, at that point try utilizing an earphone. There’re a few earphones with a mic accessible at affordable prices. However, guarantee you aren’t utilizing your expensive earphones, and settle on a cheaper one. Therefore, you can keep your phone safe easily.

  1. Waterproof phones

Numerous phones accompany waterproof ability. Be that as it may, possibly they are excessively expensive or don’t totally support waterproofing. In the event that you’ve that sort of money to save, at that point, a high quality waterproof device might be a sure thing. In any case, read the pamphlet cautiously to realize how well it could protect your device.

  1. Rice

Presently, in the event that your phone is exposed to water the spill or takes a dip, it is ideal to rapidly put it in a box of uncooked rice. This will help out to absorb the water. Rice is an efficient way to keep a smartphone dry.

  1. Poly Bags and Papers

In case that you are absolutely running out of thoughts, simply snatch a polybag and some paper. Turn off the device, cover the Smartphone with your hankie, at that point cover it with paper lastly put it inside the polybag.

  1. Don’t use a hairdryer

It is prompted not to utilize a hairdryer. It won’t generally help, and relatively damage the phone further. You could rather get a towel and then pat it dried up before placing it in the container of rice.

  1. Silica gel

Much the same as rice particles, you could likewise put it in a sack with the gel, which will likewise help soak up all the dampness.

Silica gel is extremely valuable in keeping things dry. So next time when you notice any silica packets lying in a packet or water bottle, kindly don’t discard it. Or maybe you could put it to use in an extremely effective manner. Keep Your Phone Safe by using these tips.

Keep Your Phone Safe

  1. Try not to charge your phone

Charging a Smartphone immediately after it has got wet isn’t recommended. If not water, dampness might make low-level short circuit at charging port. Continuously make certain to watch that the Smartphone is totally dry previous to charging. This standard likewise applies when your Smartphone has been in sweaty pockets for quite a while

  1. Mobile insurance

In case that you claim a high-end tool and have spent enough cash on the Smartphone, that the corresponding could get the gold gems, at that point, insurance could get some significant serenity and set aside some money. Use this tips and keep a smartphone dry.

Smartphone organizations don’t offer a guarantee against theft, water damage, and a few different factors. Likewise, what small amount is offered, it’s for some time period. Mobile indemnity could cover everything. You can browse insurance options that covers the water damage.


So these were some common ways to keep a smartphone dry in monsoon and protect them from getting damaged. Kindly comment below if you have any suggestions to this.

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