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4 Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You

Are you struggling to find the answer to the question if a woman is attracted to you? In this article, I will show you the answer to this question with the help of 4 signs woman is attracted to you. The woman can feel attracted to a man just like a man can feel for any woman. It is important to know the feelings of a woman for you because in this way you will be able to better contact with her and continue your relationship with her.

Signs a Girl is Attracted to You:

Following are the signs if a woman is interested in you:

1- Eye Contact:

Eye contact is the basic human sign of attraction. We often make eye contact with people we are interested in. If someone likes you will stare you for a few seconds. Eye contact is the basic phenomena of judging someone if he/she is interested in you or not. Just take yourself as an example, you are interested in her and hence you will gaze her as long as she is in your sight. Same is the case with a girl when she is in love. Eye contact is very important but many men ignore it. Researchers also claim eye contact the first thing to explain your interest. Moreover, it is also possible she would not make eye contact because shy girls make less eye contact.

2- Seeks Attention:

A girl who is attracted to you will try to get your attention. She does unexpected things to seek you attention. She walks closer to you by smiling just to show it is because of you. Similarly, she will try to make gestures with hands and her body to get your attention. A lot of girls do just to attract men towards them. Sometimes they talk louder with their friends just to get your attention.

3-Contact Excuses:

A girl will do unexpected things as I said before and you will find her making excuses to meet you. For example, sometimes she will come to see you with books in her hands and she would say “Can you please teach me this? It is just a way to contact you. If you find out this sign, then you are on track to find the signs a woman is attracted to you.

4- Talks Differently:

If a girl is interested in you she would talk to you differently than other guys. She would call your name by respect and give you respect while talking to others. If her friend insists that she has a boyfriend and she reluctantly says “No” then she is interested in you. Sometimes a girl tries to impress with her talking style and come closer just to show her capabilities. But whenever she is talking about you, she would rather remain quiet or give you respect.

Signs of woman attraction


If you find a couple of attributes in a girl as mentioned above then that girl is interested in you. You should talk to her as soon as possible. It also shows how desperate she is to talk to you. These were the signs a woman is attracted to you. No, it’s your turn to find out which of them is in your girl.

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