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6 Beautiful Places to Visit in Turkey

Turkey is a hub of cultural sites, beaches, shopping, cruise and so on. People travel to turkey from all over world no matter USA, UK, China, Pakistan, Indian etc. Along with the beaches and cultural sites, the weather of turkey is also very beautiful and people love to spend their vacations in turkey. I have also been to turkey three times and I must say the beauty and culture of turkey cannot be compared with any other country. If you are not sure of which places to visit in Turkey? Don’t worry, this travel guide will help you all the way.

Places to visit in Turkey:

You should make decision carefully and decide earlier before leaving for Turkey. You should have at least $100 and Turkish lira’s so you don’t face any problems on airport. Moreover, note that sim cards are expensive on airport, therefore, try getting from cities.

There are numerous places to visit in Turkey but everyone has their own mindset. You should visit princess island, the city of Rumi and much more. Although every city has old forts and buildings, decorated houses but you will see different glimpses of different cultures.

6 Places to Visit in Turkey:

1) Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a known city of turkey which is famous for Hot Air Balloons. This place is a well-known destination and looks like a dreamiest place to visit. The Cave Churches and beautiful Frescoes make Cappadocia more beautiful. Cappadocia is 454 miles far from Istanbul and you can take a night bus from Istanbul which is the most inexpensive way to go to Cappadocia. If budget is not an issue, than going by air is also one of the easiest options. Along with a ride in Hot Air balloon, people can enjoy Goreme Open Air Museum, Horse Riding, Monks Valley, Pottery And shopping in Ceramics Shop etc. Mark my words and Cappadocia to the list of must places to visit in Turkey.

2) Istanbul

Istanbul is the main city of turkey and among the largest/busiest cities of the world. This city is famous for its beautiful weather and it connects the continents of Europe and Asia and shares the culture of both Europe and Asia. Istanbul has an impressive architecture, nigh life, cruise tours, dining and shopping. The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia museum, Topakapi palace, Hippodrome, Grand Bazar, Spice Bazar, Rumeli Fort and Galata tower are some of the famous places to visit in Turkey.

Places to visit in Turkey

A person planning to stay in Istanbul should also experience Bosphorus Cruise tour too where they will get a chance to experience tasty food along with Turkish dances. Also sultanahmet and Taksim are best areas to live in Istanbul. This spectacular city is one of the greatest places to visit in Turkey.

3) Bodrum

Bodrum is located in southern Aegean region of Turkey and is 710.4 km far from Istanbul. One can go Bodrum via Istanbul by road, by sea and by air too. The roads are really nice and scenic drive and there are so many rest houses one can stop. Bodrum is far from Istanbul but very beautiful and safe for foreigners. Bodrum is a different scenic place and attracts people from all over world. People from all over globe travel Bodrum to spend their vacations. This place is also a mixture of Greek and Turkish culture and is a best place for a relaxing vacation.

4) Bursa

One of the greatest cities to visit in Turkey. Bursa is known as former capital of Ottoman Empire and is located in the northern west of Turkey. The city is known for its beautiful weather historical sites, mosques and its greenery. Bursa has some of the famous museums and along with museums there are number of places to visit in Bursa such as Koza Han, Cumalikizik Village and Saitabat Waterfall. The natural beauty of Bursa is enough to enjoy for any person. The forest, Caves, Waterfall, Greenery, meadows, little villages are just love. People love to spend their time in Bursa and enjoy camping, fishing, and hiking with their loved ones.

Beautiful places to visit in Turkey

5) Antalya

Antalya is a beautiful and large city in turkey with lots of hotels, resorts, beaches and restaurants. It offers lots of things for every type of tourists such as dancing activities, swimming, sightseeing, hiking and so on. Konyaalti Beach, Duden waterfalls, Hadrian’s Gate, old city marina, Sandland, Akturk park and local markets are some of the best places to visit in Antalya. Even a walk in the city will take you to the city’s ancient past which will amaze you. Antalya is one of the beautiful places to visit in Turkey.


Konya is one of the oldest cities of turkey and is known as a pilgrimage destiny for Sufis. People love to enjoy whirling dervish shows in Konya and it’s the best place to see the performance. Konya has a mausoleum of Rumi who was a Persian theologian. Other than that Konya has an amazing Mevlana Museum and beautiful Alaedin mosque which is must to visit. Konya is 7hours far from Istanbul and people can visit there by car, plane and train. Konya has amazing budget and luxury hotels along with yummiest food to enjoy. Read more here

Beautiful places to visit in Turkey

Conclusion of Places to Visit in Turkey

In a nutshell, Turkey is one of the greatest countries for tourism. Amazing sea view and hotels around the beaches will take your breadth away. You will find great joy in the beautiful places of Turkey. Your tour would not be completed unless you visit these places. All in all, travelling is a food of life and everyone should travel at least twice each year.

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