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8 Ways To Get Bigger Breasts in a Week [Updated]

I know every girl desire of bigger breasts and asks this question “How to get bigger breasts in a week”. In my past, I also desired for perfect round breasts and I spent more than $1000 on their shape. There was no other way but surgery and I kept asking my mom when will my breasts get bigger and how can I increase my cup size. Well, then I took some steps to get bigger breasts in a week and left all the medicines I was taking.

How to get perfect big breasts naturally:

First of all, I will explain an important fact “Our breasts grow naturally with time and maturity”. Yes, that’s true but now always. Some girls get bigger breasts by eating cheese and in consequence, they get desired results. It doesn’t work for every girl. Some girls have to do extraordinary efforts to make it work for them. They have to do exercise, natural diets, and many other activities to get perfect bigger breasts in a week.

Girls must remember that the shape and size of breasts are dependent on DNA and age. I saw many posts that ” How to get bigger breasts in a week”. Let me tell you, nothing gonna work for you but your efforts will determine the size and shape of your breasts. Moreover, you must be aware of the fact that surgery and other medications have their side effects in the latter part of your life. So please follow the simple activities I am going to explain below:

    8 Ways to Get Perfect Big Breasts Quickly

1) Push-ups:

Every woman should do push-ups as they strengthen your muscles and make you more active. They make breast muscles more active by directly contacting beast tissues. As a consequence, when these breast tissues get bigger we see an increase in the size of the breast. Hence results in bigger breasts in a week.

A recent research has shown that 20 push ups daily can significantly increase breast size.

How to get bigger breasts in a week

2) Proteins:

Proteins play an important role in setting the shape of our body. Also, proteins are made up of amino acids which are very helpful in building blocks of our body. A proper in taking of proteins can result in perfect big breasts. These amino acids are obtained from animals and dead plants. Try eating an egg daily in breakfast, use milkshakes as it will help you in weight gaining and increase your breast size. How to increase Breasts Size Naturally?

3) Breast Massage:

Girls who regularly massage bottoms of their breast have bigger breast as compared to others. Massage helps in regulating your blood flow and make your dead cells & tissues active. Massage works as medical help in increasing the blood flow under the breast area. Hence directly results in the growth of your breast tissues. If you want to get perfect big breasts in quick time, daily massage your breasts for 20 mins before sleeping. Wash your hands, get some oil and gently rub your breasts for 20 mins. It will make you relax and make breasts tissues more active and you will observe bigger breasts in a week.

Don’t get panic. Massage will increase breasts size in two weeks.

4) Don’t Wear a Bra:

Recent research has shown that not wearing a bra for a few days can reasonably increase the size of your breasts. Remain baseless for a few days makes boobs more bouncy. I highly recommend not to wear a bra for a few days and see the changes.

5) Gain some weight:

A healthy body can help you to have perfect big breasts. You have to gain some weight. Only a few pounds will help you to get bigger breasts in a week. For that eat a healthy diet. Use shakes daily. Eat as much fruit as you can and never remain with a restless stomach. Eat fruits which have more sugar because sugar has fats in it. Also, take food with a high estrogen level. Eat almond, nuts, soya bean, and potatoes.

Get Bigger Breasts in a Week

6) Breast Creams:

This is also another step towards getting a huge bust. But I will recommend doing this when other things aren’t working for you. Because these creams have few side effects that can affect your health. On the other hand, they also have some good effects. These creams are helpful in regulating blood flow and active your tissues. It is up to you to use these creams. Wash your hands and use the creams for 15 minutes. In fact, people will start asking you “how to get bigger breasts in a week”.

7) Lift Dumbbells:

This exercise works exactly like push-ups. It helps in making your breast tissues more proactive and regulates blood flow. You can contact the gym instructor to help you with it or you can try it at your home. In my opinion, this is the best exercise to get bigger breasts in a week. Get some heavy dumbbells and lift them close to your mouth daily for 15 to 20 minutes. You will see good outcomes in just 10 days and you will never ask “how to get bigger breasts in a week”.

8) Chest Exercise:

Chest dips are another exercise that can be helpful for you. Its basically for setting the tone of breasts. Sit down on the corner of the chair and bend your body across the table or chair and set your one hand on table or chair and use another hand for Chest Dips.

How to get bigger breasts in a week

Conclusion of How to get bigger breasts in a week:

These all the steps can prove to be a game-changer for you if you do your best and never give up. I have seen many girls doing it for a few days and they give up. Never lose hope as it’s the hope that keeps us motivated. In the end, I would say please don’t get panic as stress is another factor that stops the growth of breasts.

To be very sincere, if you have performed all of the above steps you will see changes in two weeks. So, set a goal and start working on it.

Steve Smith

Full Stack Web Developer and Game developer with a passion of blogging. He is currently working as CEO of Skootie Technologies.

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