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Apex Legends Review PC Game Pros & Cons

Apex Legends is developed and published by Electronic Arts. It is a new level of the game in Battle Royale system with totally different features. The idea behind the game is similar to other similar games. In this Apex Legends Review, we will cover gameplay, pros & cons of the game. Trials Rising Review.

Apex Legends Review Overview:

Apex Legends was released on Feb 4, 2019. The gameplay carries the idea similar to other battle royale games. You have to make a squad and communicate with friends online. Players can also share their skills with other friends such as ammo, weapons and looted material. You will meet new challenges in a totally new environment. Therefore, the basic idea remains the game when we see it from Battle Royale system.

What’s New in Apex Legends:

Now in our Apex Legends review, we will talk about different features of the game. It includes seven to eight characters with special abilities. Guns in the game show how the future will look like. Use special abilities in the form of wide laser angles in the game to take benefit. Your choices will impact largely on the game. Totally new machines and enemies zone. This is something we haven’t seen in any other game.

In the beginning, you have to choose your character in limited time space. It is because there are other players also looking to pick the character. Therefore, once you successfully pick your character, you can see the ranks of other players in the game. You can also chat with them, see a number of ammo your squad has. You can heal your character, kill enemies to earn some extra boost. Use banners to see the extra skills of other players. In this way, you can judge the special attributes of other players. Therefore, this Apex Legends Review will now talk about a recent match.

Apex Legends Review

Recently, I played a match with my friends where we were about to win and opponents captured us in a trap. They had an eye on the special abilities of each character. Finally, they won because there was no way to get out. Sometimes, it feels bad when you see your teammates got more skills than you. It can underestimate you.

Apex Legends Review/Loots:

Loots are an important part of each Battle Royale games. Loots boosts the power, heal players and provides extra equipment. Sometimes, I feel extra pressure when an enemy is closer and I have zero resources. My first task in the game is to find some resources. Therefore you should also do the same. After landing hide and find equipment. It is the only way to survive in the game.

The community is really important to me. I often post on forums that my gameplay depends upon community because if people don’t engage with each other, then the game loses value. Therefore to me, the community is the most important factor.

Apex Legends Review PC

System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10
  • Ram:  12 GB
  • CPU: Processor Core i5, 3.6 GHz
  • Disk Space:  25 GB
  • Sound: Yes
  • Graphics: NVIDIA Ge Force GTX 970
  • Network: Internet Connection

Conclusion of Apex Legends Review:

I will end up review of Apex Legends here with our final note. It is a game you should try. Therefore, based upon the gameplay and graphics I give this game 9.5/10. Let me know about your thoughts in the comments section.

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