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Far Cry New Dawn Review PC Game

Far Cry New Dawn is developed and published by UbiSoft. It was released on Feb 12, 2019. It is more than a reskin of the original Far Cry. In this Far Cry New Dawn Review, we will talk a little about gameplay, pros & cons and system requirements to play the game.

The game was released for all platforms including XBOX, PS4, and PC. You can buy the game right now from UbiSoft official website and also available on Steam. You can also read Trials Rising Review.

Far Cry New Dawn Review Overview:

Far Cry New Dawn has so much to explore although it has been made on the same map used for Far Cry. Your task in Far Cry New Dawn is to fight against the group of people who wants to destroy the universe.  You have to make new alliances to defeat the enemy.  The game is referred to the area where no one exists on the planet. In the absence of mankind, new kinds of flowers flourished. Similarly, you will found some old rotten cars and animals.

In this review, we will also talk about the good side of the game. You can use several electronic weapons and wear special dresses. It’s all about fighting, making friends and enjoying the best graphics. Game becomes difficult as it progresses. Similarly, you have to use the ultimate weapons to destroy enemy places. Now you can customize your character whose nickname is Cap. Once again you are a petrologist who is saving the planet in North America.

Explore New Places:

In Far Cry New Dawn, you can explore places as compared to the previous version where you had no chance to visit another region. There is always something new waiting for you to explore and kill. You can capture land and resources. But after that, you have to pay the price in the form of fighting with enemies. All enemies will alert after you grab the land and you will see enemies attacking all across the area. The latest addition in the game is RPG elements which show you the number of damaged elements in the game. To move forward in the game you have to upgrade all your base camp, tanks, and weapons.

Far Cry New Dawn Review

In this Far Cry New Dawn review, we will now talk about graphics. The best improvement UbiSoft has done is to improve graphics. Now available in Ultra HD with high resolution. The soundtracks and surrounding are beautifully designed.

System Requirements of Far Cry New Dawn:

You surely need a good gaming system to play the game. The RAM must be 8GB minimum with 2GB graphics card. We strongly recommend NVIDIA GTX 1060 to play the game. You need 50 GB disk space as setup file is large and make sure you have a good internet connection.

Conclusion of Far Cry New Dawn Review:

We will end Far Cry New Dawn Review here with final tip. If you are looking for a game full of action and high-quality graphics then Far Cry New Dawn is game for you. There are numerous improvements as compared to the previous version. Therefore, based on gameplay and graphics we give this game 9.5/10. Let us know about your views in the comments below.

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