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How Long Do Vape Coils Last and When to Change Them

Proper maintenance of your vape device is very crucial if you want to enjoy the experience. While many parts are only changed when they break or go missing, parts like the coils wear out over time, and they have to be changed. A new high-quality coil creates the best experience for the user. But as time goes by, the experience declines. Every time you buy a new coil, it is important to know how long it will last and the signs that demonstrate it is past its prime.

How Long Should Coils Last?

The length of time that your coils last varies depending on how they are made. High-quality coils are made of heavy gauge wire. Usually, they range from 32 to 22. These gauges also determine the resistance and, consequently, the duration the coils will last. When choosing the gauge and diameter, get to understand what is best for your device because this also matters. But one thing to know is that wires with heavy resistance, which are typically heavy gauge wires, require a longer ramp-up time.

On average, coils can serve you for a few months before they must be changed. But in addition to the above factors that we have examined, there is also the consideration of how often the coils are used. Frequent vapers will have to change their coils and wicks more often.

Signs That You Should Change the Vape Coil

Many people are not sure when they bought a coil. Therefore, they may not be able to estimate when they need a new one. The good news is that the vape device will start to give you signs that you need another coil.

A burnt taste is a common sign that your coil has exhausted its potential lifespan. It does not matter the type of eliquid you are using. The awful taste will be present when the coil is worn out. It is highly recommended that you change the coil at this point. Otherwise, your vape remains compromised in this state, not to mention the bad vaping experience. Get yourself a new high-quality coil to revive that good taste of your favorite e-juice.

Unexpected Sounds

As the coil holds the current through its resistance capability, some small parts may fall off over time. These particles often make some funny sounds in the vape device, which mean that everything is not intact as it should be. In fact, the coil may now break at any time without further warning. At this time, it is good to buy a new pack.

Low-Quality Vapor

Some people want heavy clouds while others enjoy a heavy throat hit. This happens when the coils are working properly. If they are not, then you will have a problem with the vapor production. Apart from the bad taste and sounds, you should also expect weak vapor production.


When there are any of the above signs and others like failing to ramp up, it is best to get a new coil. Check what is recommended for your device in the user manual for the ideal output. With a new coil, you will be enjoying vaping to its fullest again.

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