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How much do Uber Drivers make in New Jersey, NJ

In average, Uber Driver makes an approximate of $6 per hour in New Jersey, NJ; which is 22% less than the National average & 20% less than from Ornaldo, FL. It is how much do uber drivers make in new jersey. We did manual research and collected the data; compare it to the abstract results, reached accuracy to the original results.

All the data written in the article is posted after doing manual research. Results can have a small difference based on the data collection.

                   Uber Fare Calculation Formula:

Base Fare + (Cost per minute * time in the ride) + (Cost per mile * ride distance) + Booking Fee + Other Fees = Your Fare

Ratings of Uber Taxi Drivers:

Below are some of the rating standard as told by Uber Drivers:

Shane Watson says:

Personally speaking, I prefer drivers which have a minimum of 4.5 ratings because you know the rating is an important factor when it comes to picking up Uber taxi. As I have done more than 1000 rides still I never give ratings below 3 because I understand the importance of it.

Nick Jones says:

I have been driving here in New Jersey for 2 years and rating below 4.4 is considered low. I always do my best to get ratings above 4.5 and I have set the standard for it. I never got a rating below than 4.

Williamson says:

It really makes me anxious whenever I got rating less than 4.5 because it’s difficult you know to improve when you got a few lower ratings. Therefore, I take care of my passengers and make a friendly environment with them in my car. After all, that is what matters the most.

Uber Passenger Reviews


What Passenger Says about Ratings:

In our survey, we asked a few passengers about the rating. This is what they had to say:

Usama Habib says:

I have been connected to Uber for 2 years. A good rating is something more than 4.7. I never choose a taxi below than that. Because I always knew the rating is low because the driver had done something bad in the past.

Therefore, my ultimate choice is to get the taxi with a 4.7 rating at least. Although, if service is great I always give a 5-star rating. Moreover, Uber is kind enough to pay back if you have any worst experience.

I had a couple of back experiences and I gave poor reviews to them. Later on, the extra amount after a complaint was credited back to my account.

Emily Augustine says:

I always behave well and guide drivers throughout my way. I currently have 4.85 rating which I think should be 5 because I have always been kind and often give a tip if the driver makes his way quickly.

As far as drivers are concerned, I think 4.6 is the minimum acceptable ratings which passengers like the most. If it is below than that, then there can be a problem. Therefore, I always make sure to give ratings honestly. Because i am well aware of the importance of ratings.

Still, my rating never drops below from 4.8 and it’s all because of my excellent behaviour and helping nature. Uber is my first choice when it comes to choosing a Taxi.

How much does an Uber driver make in New Jersey

Tips to get more Revenue From Uber:

The tips to generate more revenue from Uber is mandatory for you to know and follow the quick points. These tips are based on research to give your attention to it.

  1. Behave Well and Stay Calm
  2. Don’t Shout or use rude words
  3. Always carry a bottle of water
  4. Do not use loud music
  5. Keep the car neat and clean
  6. Use air freshener in the car


In a nutshell, the article How much Do Uber Drivers make in New Jersey states that drivers make $6 per hour. Earning depends on the behaviour and ratings of drivers. Higher the rating, more earning he can earn. Therefore, behave well and ask for a rating.

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