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How Much Does an Uber Driver Make in Florida?

Uber has a general rule for all cities around the world. They take 20% rideshare where a driver gets 80% rideshare. All the big online companies around the world work on the same rule. There are different factors which determine, How much does an Uber driver make in Florida?

Disclaimer: The information described below is based on our research and data collected from different Uber drivers in Florida. Information is totally confidential and we have all rights reserved for the information. For more detailed information you can visit the Uber Data Center.

Uber drivers earning varies from city to city because of a few important factors and more importantly how much time do you spend on Uber.

What is the Key to Earn Good with Uber in Florida:

Keep in mind a few important things mentioned below to earn well with Uber in Florida. After all, driver behavior is the most important determining factor due to which passengers leave a 5-star rating.

  • Give respect to customers
  • Always carry a bottle of water in the car
  • Don’t try to be frank with customer
  • Don’t use loud music
  • Keep the car neat and clean
  • Do not smoke

On Average Uber driver makes $14.75 per hour in Florida, which is more than as they earn in New Jersey”

Factors which Determine How much can you make with Uber Driving in Florida, Fl

As I discussed earlier, there are few factors which are major determining factors in How much does an Uber driver make in Florida. You can also read how much uber driver make in New Jersey.

1- Vehicle Installments:

Few drivers pay for their vehicle to drive. It means the driver has bought the vehicle on installments. It directly affects how much you earn as a driver with Uber in Florida.

2-Gas Charges:

Driver also pays for the gas to run vehicle, it means Uber does not provide gas by default. It is drivers responsibility to take care of it. Gas and fuel are much costly from a driver’s perspective.

3- Car Maintenance:

Drivers also pay for their car maintenance. It means the money they earn with Uber also being spent on the car. Therefore, Uber driver earning is based on these few factors which greatly influence on How much does an Uber driver makes in Florida.

One important thing which we noted in the survey is that most of the drivers do not take care of their vehicle. They should keep in mind they are in charge of their own vehicle. Therefore, they should keep it safe.

How much do uber drivers make in new jersey

Few more Factors which Affects Uber Driver Earning:

  • Base Fare
  • Booking Fee
  • Discount Codes
  • Lower Peak Factors

These factors apply differently to different cities. They play a vital role in determining the total cost of the ride. For example, Discount codes can lower the ride fare. Similarly, low peak factors mean low ride fare. Therefore, Uber should leave something good for the sake of drivers. Because most of the online platform hear their customer and they have no concern with drivers. Another thing which is observed the bad behavior of drivers with passengers and then after the ride passengers leave a bad review.

How does Uber Calculates Ride Fare:

Uber ride charges calculation has two different sections, where initially:

SubTotal = BaseFare + Time + Distance

Then add booking expenses to above formula gives:

Traveler Fare = (Subtotal x Surge Pricing) + Booking Fee

Therefore, keep an eye on the factors mentioned in the formula. If you have your own vehicle and are not paying installments fee, then you can earn a good amount daily in Florida with driving Uber.

How much Does Uber pay? See the illustrated Chart Below:

How much does an Uber driver make in Florida


I will close the article “How much does an uber driver make in Florida, here with a final tip. To maintain good earning with Uber where actual hourly rate is $14.75, you have to maintain good ratings. Passengers will always prefer that driver who has ratings more than 4.6. Therefore, to earn well with Uber just focus on keeping passengers happy and drive safely.

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