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How to Impress a Girl on First Date?

No matter how confident guys are they always feel a little bit shy when they are going on their first date. Lots of thoughts are wrestling in their mind. What to wear? What to say? and much more. And if you met her on any dating site then you are also anxious to know how she looks live. The most important question every guy is looking for an answer for is “How to impress a girl”.

How to Impress a Girl on First Date?

 Read the tips mentioned below to impress a girl on first date.

  • Speak up

Ok! How to impress a girl? Don’t just sit and see her! It can make her nervous. Instead of looking at her or staying silent ask her how is she? Ask some casual questions. Make her feel relax. Don’t forget to compliment her. Ask questions which can build her interest so that she can comfortably talk and ask you questions too.

  • Gift her something beautiful

Gifts are a form of love! Girls love makeup and jewelry the most. Try to buy something beautiful for her. Look for something she can wear or use. Don’t buy a dress because maybe you don’t know the exact size. Gift her bouquet or a bracelet. Don’t give ring on the first date. It’s very early to gift a ring!

  • Don’t use the phone

How to impress a girl? Try to put your phone on silent or at least pick only those calls which are very important. Try to put your phone away in the car or if you can’t put it in the car to put it in the pocket. I think a phone can be the biggest killer of the date. Love quotes to feel relax.

How to Impress a girl


  • Personal Tales

Try not to discuss politics, whether or education. It will be boring for her. Ask her about her, her family, her college, and her outing places. The more you ask her about her interests and hobbies the more you get to know her. Try not to ask about the past relationship. It can be very harsh! Share your some good moments or personal tales you think she will laugh to listen. Now it will help you a lot and you will no longer ask How to impress a girl?

  • Show her your kind side

Girls love guys who are kind! Show her your best side and share some tales about the love between your grandparents. Show her that you like children and they are cute! Tell her that you like to cook. Believe me, It can impress her a lot. Ask her to come for lunch or dinner at your home and you ll cook for her.

  • Avoid and Avoid Negativity

No matter how negative your views about your president or about your country just don’t discuss it on the date. It can ruin your date. Girls never want to spend their life with a man with negativity. Show her your positive side. Also if you disagree with any of her point of view doesn’t be rigid or harsh. Just say yes with a smile “I think everyone has different opinions and we should respect everyone opinions”.

  • How open you should be?

Limits, Limits and Limits! The guy who knows what to say and when to say have the key to a women heart. Don’t try to act smart and always know your limits. Don’t ask something that can make her feel shameful or she doesn’t wanna answer. Keep things simple and don’t go in detail. Try to shake hand only but don’t try to touch her continuously.


How to impress a girl? If you have successfully implemented the plans mentioned above the congratulations. You have successfully impressed a girl. Now your task is to strengthen your relationship and plan your future with her.

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