Mother Tongue Amy Tan Summary


Amy Tan is an Asian-American writer whose works focus a lot on the relationship between mother and daughter. She has written hundreds of short story mainly focusing on the English Language. The Mother Tongue Amy Tan Summary saves your time by converting into a more simpler form.

This is a short story by Amy Tan in which she describes her life with her mother in America. She explains how her background affected her life, education and brought her shame. She explains how the broken speech and language of her mother has an influence on her life. It is because of her mother broken speech and language that she became a writer. Amy tells the story that how she becomes to have a natural love for her language. Read Mother Tongue.

Mother Tongue Summary

Mother Tongue Amy Tan Summary:

Amy describes how we speak differently when we talk to our family and when we are in public.  She describes that we have a completely different language that we speak within our family and a different language that we speak out in public. Amy Tan relates to the experience of her mother here in America to describe why she believes that we speak a different language with our family and outside our home. Amy also talks about how by helping her mother has given her the ability to learn and experience how a language can be used as a tool within social and cultural aspects. This is because of Amy’s rebellious nature that has given her the strength to continue her career as a writer and lover of language. Mother Tongue Amy Tan Summary continues below.

Amy Tan found her voice as a writer by spending time with her mother who spoke broken English. It is surprising that Tan ended up as a writer considering the fact that she was expected to study Sciences. In her essay Mother Tongue she tells us, ‘I was told by my former boss that writing was my worst skill and I should hone my talent toward account management. However she was stubborn and determined, so he did not take his criticism to heart, she made it work for her. This is because of her love with the language that she became a writer as compared to a scientist or any other field that favors mathematics.

The most important thing is that she is doing what she wanted to do regardless of what others thought she should do. This essay also shows that language is a tool to represent our culture and society. Tan tells that because of broken speech of her mother many of her friends have a difficult time understanding what her mother is saying. It was all about Mother Tongue Summary.

Conclusion (Mother Tongue Amy Tan Summary):

As Amy’s mother, English was very poor so decided that she would become a writer. English wasn’t her mother language but still, she proved that once you have a goal you can achieve that with hard work and effort. Mother Tongue Summary gives us a clear picture of the story. In her story, Amy wrote about a beautiful relationship between a daughter and her mother.  Therefore she set an example by choosing to be an English writer. Therefore, language reflects in each of her stories, hence makes her a powerful writer. You can also read The Alchemist Summary.

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