The Alchemist Summary & Review by Paul Coelho

The Alchemist Summary by Paul Coelho Introduction:

A standout amongst the most well-known books to develop in the previous twenty years, Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, a tale about the vital quest for satisfaction, has charmed its writer to a large number of scholars around the world. The Alchemist was initially distributed in Portuguese in 1988. It is the tale of Santiago, an Andalusia shepherd kid substance to meander through the Spanish fields and towns with his reliable rush until a common length for discovering his fortune at the Pyramids of Egypt rousts him from lack of concern. Read below The Alchemist Summary and Alchemist Review.

The Alchemist Summary and Review

The Alchemist Summary:

In Andalusia, Spain, a shepherd kid, Santiago, chooses to rest in a relinquished church that has no rooftop yet has a sycamore tree developing from inside. Beside a group of sheep, Santiago’s solitary property is a coat and one book, which he utilizes as a pad. The following morning, he starts his voyage to the town where he anticipates moving his sheep’s fleece. Halting quickly in Tarifa, Santiago visits a psychic for help in deciphering a common dream. In the fantasy, he is in a field with his sheep when a kid shows up. The kid grasps Santiago’s hands and transports him to the Egyptian pyramids, letting him know en route that there is a concealed fortune there. Now in the fantasy, Santiago stirs.

The diviner encourages him to venture out to the pyramids to discover this fortune. While perusing his book, Santiago meets an elderly person, declaring to be Melchizedek, the ruler of Salem. The ruler urges Santiago to look for his Personal Legend, and he clarifies that when a man needs something, that longing emerges from the Soul of the World. Melchizedek discloses to Santiago that the fortune he is searching for is close to the Egyptian pyramids and that he should pursue the signs to discover it. The elderly person gives him two stones, Urim and Thummim, to counsel stuck in an unfortunate situation deciphering the signs. The Alchemist Review will focus on all the important points mentioned above.

The Alchemist Review

Santiago moves his rush and goes through Tangier, Africa, where he is cheated out of his cash. Irritate, he inquires as to whether he will discover the fortune. In answer, the stones tumble to the earth. Santiago translates this as a positive sign, reaffirming his confidence. Continuing his movement, he chances upon a gem shop and offers to work in return for nourishment. Aim on returning home sometime in the not so distant future, Santiago requests to keep working at the shop to gain the cash to purchase a rush of sheep, and the shipper concurs. Santiago procures the required cash to return home, however, he chooses rather continue his voyage to the pyramids.

What I Learnt from The Alchemist Summary:

The Alchemist Summary (Book) is all about chasing dreams and not losing hope. I have faced the same issue in my life too. I had no confidence in me. Moreover, I wanted to become the topper of my class, an intelligent student. One night I saw a dream in which I saw myself receiving a medal from school vice principal and I saw my parents were sitting in the top row of the audience and clapping for me. Next morning, I told my best friend about the dream and she said it’s impossible because I had fear inside me, the fear of failure. I asked my elder sister to teach me daily for one hour and once I get the position, I will give her cash for teaching me and doing hard work on me.

Initially, she refused to do so but I ensure her the hard work and efforts from me on studies. I started doing hard work and made new friends which gave me confidence and made me happy. Moreover, I started giving time to my books and started reading them with more care. I always wanted to improve confidence and I never worked for it, I never tried to make new friends. My efforts and hard work gave me 1st position in the class and changed me entirely. This is where i have strengthened The Alchemist Review.

Imagine I was a weak student in my school. Everything was in front of me but I never tried for it and one dream changed my attitude and behavior. I was trying to improve confidence and it was right in front of me in the form of my new friends. It made me realize that what we always try to seek is always in front of us. It was the most significant personal experience of my life which is similar to The Alchemist Summary of the Book.

The Alchemist Review:

The Alchemist Summary (Book) taught me so many things and it’s hard to point all of them here. We all humans including me always try to find happiness elsewhere. I myself tried different things to become happy but nothing worked. The Alchemist has made me realize that what makes us happy is always in front of us. Before reading this I never knew that what we actually search for is always nearby. I have missed so many things in my life and I believe if I had read this book earlier situation would have been different. Read the novel The Alchemist.

The Alchemist Summary and Review taught me that in the end, it’s the journey and the experience that matters the most. After reading this chapter I am able to conclude that if someone truly desires for something from the bottom of his heart, everyone will help you to achieve your goal. The quote “People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of” is important. It taught me that if today I have a dream of becoming a good human being, then I can because I am capable of doing that. What it takes are effort and right direction. The Alchemist Summary is the best I have ever read. I will give it to my family to read it because it’s a life changer.

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