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Trials Rising Review PC Game Pros & Cons

Trials Rising is an exciting motorbike racing game. The game is based on the idea to win races by using different amazing stunts. In this Trials Rising review, we will walk through the overview, good and bad areas of the game alongside system requirements. You can also read the Dirt Rally 2.0 Review.

Trials Rising Review PC Overview:

Trials Rising is developed and published by UbiSoft, a well-known name of the tech industry. After a successful .assassin creed series and multiple mobile games, UbiSoft is all set for new games. Trial Rising was released on Feb 26, 2019. First of all, the game is multiplayer and 2.5D where you can play with your friends online. It was released for all platforms including XBOX, PS4, and PC. Graphics purely based on real-world simulation. Therefore, such games are more likely to get famous as compared to other games.

We would also like to talk about gameplay in our Trials Rising Review. In the game, you have a choice to play in championships or start your own career mode. You have to win races to get upgraded for more amazing motorbikes. Therefore, design your own journey towards success to become a champion. Furthermore, get yourself familiar with gameplay with the help of tutorials. As far graphics are concerned, it works pretty fine because of its 2.5D nature, not a 3D game.

Trials Rising Pros:

The good areas of the game include beautiful tracks and environment which makes the gameplay more enjoyable. You can customize your characters to take part in exhibitions. Moreover, you can also customize roads and obstacles. The game starts with a welcome note and in the beginning, you can enjoy with beautiful environment and manageable obstacles. The game includes more than 120 tracks which mean the gameplay is longer. Another good aspect is a multiplayer mode where you can play with your friends online and beat them on tracks.

Trials Rising Review PC

Trials Rising Cons:

In the end, the game becomes more challenging and difficult to play because of extremely hard obstacles. It makes the game more boring.  The game also includes loot boxes with purchased boxes. It means you have to buy to use extra features in the game. If you see previous games of UbiSoft they haven’t added any purchased system, should have been avoided in this one too. So the bad side of the game includes more challenging, purchased boxes and long gameplay which makes this game more boring.

System Requirements of Trials Rising:

We will also talk about System Requirements in our Trials Rising Review PC. You need 2GB of ram and Windows 10 latest version to play the game. Intel HD Graphics 300 will work fine for this with Direct X 10.

Conclusion of Trials Rising Review:

We wind up our conclusion of the game by giving 8.5 stars out of 10. If you are looking for a moto racing game with good graphics, then it is here. Never bother about longer gameplay and extra obstacles to cut your journey. Definitely, it is something always expected by players. So play with your friends, beat them and have fun.

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