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What to Wear on First Date in 2019?

What to Wear on First Date in 2019?

Dating itself is a very exciting thing for any person and especially the first date is very important and full of excitement. The excitement of going on the first date is very different. Some people get worried on the first date and they think the whole night what to say? What to wear on first date? My fear always was that what kind of shoes I have to wear since I am very much heightened and I don’t wanna look more! But flat don’t look stylish so I have always been stuck in the mess.

I personally think there is no rocket science in it. It’s just a matter of how you present yourself.

What to Wear on First Date?

Below I have mentioned for both men and women. 7 Best Perfumes for Men in 2019.

For girls:

  • Don’t wear exposing clothes

Yes! You have heard right. I know it looks a hot look but on a very first date, it can be vulgar. You boy can misunderstand you. So make sure to wear which is not very much exposing.

What to wear on first date

  • Wear something decent

Girls are more concerned as compared to boys and ask “What to wear on first date? Try not to dress in a funky look. Wear something decent which will give a soft look. Wear something that is comfortable which does not slip in front of him. Don’t wear extra tight clothes and make sure you look decent enough rather than a joker.

  • Don’t try a new dress

People usually buy a new dress for their date. And I personally think it’s the biggest mistake they do. There are more chances that the dress is not comfy. Try to wear a dress you have been worn before so that you don’t have to be uncomfy with the new dress. 

For boys:

  • Don’t wear shirts to look cool

Girls don’t like boys who have no ethics. Yes, you have heard right no shorts! Yes, you are cool and yes you look good in shorts but not this time. Try to wear a full suit or a decent dress shirt or pant. Therefore What to wear on first date clarifies according to your needs.

  • No college guys look

Guys look good in colorful sparkling shirts but not on the date. Wear something blue white or black which are basically men colors. Show her you manly side which will definitely impress her.

What to Wear on First Date

  • A suit or a tie is extra decent

I personally think that a suit or a tie can be very decent and sometimes very very decent also does not look good. So wear jeans a good pair of shoes and a dress shirt is the best dressing one can wear on his first date. So the problem is solved about what to wear on first date?

For both

  • Wear light fragrance

A good perfume can enhance your personality! Wear perfume very decent and light in fragrance. Usually, people don’t like too much fragrance and it can be a big disaster if you use too much perfume on your first date. There are some chances too that your girl/boy starts feeling uncomfortable with that fragrance and try to finish the date ASAP.

  • Dress according to place

Yes, dressing according to the place is the most important thing one can do. You cannot wear a gown in a movie or you cannot wear shorts in a fine dining place. Wear according to place!

Dress to wear on first date

  • Don’t look approachable

Sometimes people act and wear that they look approachable! So don’t wear something like that and don’t make your date feel like this. Wear something decent and perfect rather than showing yourself off to others. A good dress will enhance your personality and make you feel good. You will no longer be asking “What to wear on first date”?


In a nutshell, wear some casuals clothes and do not try to be overconfident. For girls, makeup is a good choice and don’t feel extra shy and make sure you know something about the boy. What to wear on first date, you will not be asking this question again.

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